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After all the investment your business has made in digitizing spend management, so much is still left to patchwork. Your team is manually stitching together data exports from your ERP, payment, and human capital systems. And right when you most need to forecast cash flow, you can’t even tell what invoices have been received, approved, and paid.

You have digitized. But have you connected?

ApexConnect automates cross-platform data communication for improved efficiency and timely business insights.

Data Capture

Suppliers send invoices and Employees submit expense reports for data capture, approval, and exception resolution.


ApexConnect automates the exchange, transformation, and integration of invoice and expense data with your spend management, ERP, payment, and human capital management data. Your master data drives your spend platform. As invoices and employee expenses are approved, our process quickly updates every system.

Smarter & Faster Decisions

Your team gets a current view of cash flow and other business metrics to inform smarter and faster decisions.

At ApexConnect, we have processed over $6B in spend for 187 customers across three continents. We speak debits and credits as fluently as we speak 1s and 0s, and we’re adept at extracting and applying your unique business requirements.

Connect with us today to discuss how we can help connect your systems and bring order back to your business. You’ll be in a winning position with a robust and future-ready spend management workflow during and after the pandemic.

You have digitized.
But have you connected.

ApexConnect’s Core Connector Platform integrates with the software you already use to run your business.

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How we can help

The Core Connector Platform™ allows you to unlock the full potential of your accounting, ERP (enterprise resource planning), HR and spend management systems by providing seamless integrations and fully automated application of business rules. Integrations can be on-demand, fully scheduled or a hybrid of both, allowing our platform to work within your schedule.

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Save time + money

Seamless integration between systems means more efficiency

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Reduces errors

Increase your data quality with less data entry and manual data manipulation

Smaller IT footprint

Our cloud-based platform means no software to install, update or maintain

From Our Clients

Our clients tell our story.

“Working with ApexConnect has been a phenomenal experience. They have solved every problem I have brought to them. Both the clients and I have enjoyed every engagement. They cut through the clutter and complexity of each scenario and focus on delivering a solution that is seemingly simple and focused on value for all involved.”

Ryan Demaray

Vice President, SAP Concur

“ApexConnect is a valued partner. Their project team provides trusted technical expertise and works closely with our Finance & Accounting department to develop unique and creative solutions to complex business rules in order to seamlessly integrate our purchase order, invoice, document management and payment processes from our approval workflow software to our ERP and financial reporting systems.”

Andrea Bernier

Manager, AAA Northeast

Theatre Projects Case Study

These integrations have been a total lifesaver. We have started to look back at cleaning up the mess created with our “custom built API” – in the end it will have cost us more than Apex. Your support and endless follow up helped move the project along at an aggressive clip, and we cannot be happier! Thank you all so much – my only regret was not calling you sooner.

-Kayla Prata, Theatre Projects Business Manager

Life Sciences Case Study

Life-sciences company was taking on one of the biggest challenges of a generation—using research and technology to detect cancer at earlier stages when it can be cured all while volumes of the need for automated procure to pay and financial processes were on a sharp incline.

“From the exceptional work and quick response times ApexConnect provided, you’d think we had brought them a common challenge. But Coupa had never had a customer ask for this before – It was truly unprecedented work, and ApexConnect delivered!”

-Patrick Chan, Principal, Strategy and Business Transformation, The Hackett Group

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