ApexConnect automates cross-platform data communication for improved efficiency and timely business insights

You have digitized. But have you connected?

ApexConnect automates cross-platform data communication for improved efficiency and timely business insights.

Data Capture

Suppliers send invoices and Employees submit expense reports for data capture, approval, and exception resolution.


ApexConnect automates the exchange, transformation, and integration of invoice and expense data with your spend management, ERP, payment, and human capital management data. Your master data drives your spend platform. As invoices and  employee expenses are approved, our process quickly updates every system.

Smarter & Faster Decisions

Your team gets a current view of cash flow and other business metrics to inform smarter and faster decisions.

ApexConnect Integration Portal

The Portal puts the power into the customer’s hands.

  • Viewing and re-run integrations
  • Error notification – online and emailed
  • Ability edit data, rerun jobs
  • Scheduled & on-demand running of integration jobs
  • Visibility of performance and history

All with audit trails for full accountability.


The ApexConnect Platform

  • Simple to complex processing, algorithms, sequences, business rules and logic references and lookups, “N” number of various outputs, unlimited rules etc.

  • Scale across the platform or for an individual customer at a single point in time or single need through simple configuration

  • Data or document throughput for customers

  • Hundreds of providers and endpoints, new sources or destinations attainable in weeks not months.


Our Clients Tell Our Story

Concrete & Quantifiable Delivery

“Having these processes automated completely eliminated data entry errors along with the hundreds of manpower hours it took our Finance team to manually enter into Deltek each line of an expense report.”

VP & Controller – System Integration and Consulting Services

Assurance & Reliability

“This security information is very helpful and in my opinion a differentiator for Apex.”

Director – Enterprise Infrastructure of top US Bank

Our Customer's Journey

“It’s refreshing when someone has the subject matter expertise and the technical aptitude to get things done.”

CFO – Leading Drill Rig Manufacturer

Apex Brings the Effort & Intelligence

“Proven to be a consistent partner who’s ready to dive into the hard stuff. Those characteristics makes for a solid partnership.”

Sr Manager – Platform Services, SAP Concur

Resources Reallocated

“Automating with ApexConnect allowed us to eliminate an entire full-time position.”

VP Controller – System Integration and Consulting Services


Business Process and
Results Driven

50% reduction in resources handling invoices

80% reduction in human entry of invoices

Average cycle time to process invoices (vendor invoice date to entry in ERP for payment) –reduction from 30 days to 15 days

3-way match goes straight through the integration to payment queue and it hits the payment run based on terms – with no human intervention

Seamlessly integrate employee data, organizational structures, and reimbursements to help save time and eliminate manual efforts

  • Easily create user accounts, assign permissions, assign managers and approvers, and align users to your organization and account structure
  • Seamlessly integrate and maintain existing user information and update account information, including name changes, contact updates, organizational alignment, user termination, and reimbursements

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